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First, get out what we are all feeling.  This Sucks!  I get that we are all angry and disappointed with the situation of Covid-19 at hand, our educational system, and sports possibly not resuming.  We already pay taxes to the school districts and now we have to pay more money to have our sons and daughters educated (private school, catholic school, tutor, etc.)?  We can't watch our sons or daughters play sports and worse yet.... they are not exercising.   

We know that many parents (especially dual working parents and single parents) are up against the wall with what to do. My wife and I both work.  Neither of us are educators AND neither of us have PATIENCE!  In our own household, we experienced how frustrating it was with some of our sons doing ok and others drowning.  NONE OF THEM DID GREAT! .  We (my wife and I) have limited time, limited patience, and limited focus ourselves.  

C.L.A.S.S By C4 was created to help find a solution for those working and non-working families who need our help,  for those families that haven’t been accepted into a pod, or perhaps you joined a Pod and realize that it may not a good fit for your son or daughter. 


Our team has created an opportunity for the children in our community to learn in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. The children will be in a heterogeneous setting allowing them to socialize, focus, and have some sort of normalcy. It is an environment also filled with mindfulness, physical exercise, and life lessons.

"There are 4 founding principles that we believe in and are embodied in our curriculum."

  1. Cultivate your educational potential.

  2. Challenge your limitations.

  3. Compete with yourself.

  4. Conquer your obstacles.


We are accepting families into a Full-Day 5 day program (FOR 1ST**-5TH GRADERS) and have a total of 16-20 students eligible to attend C.L.A.S.S.  Interviews will be hosted virtually. (Half day, drop-in, or partial day of the week are not available at this time).  Our goal (as outlined in our FAQ) is to form a safe and consistent community. ** First grader must be an independent reader and must be able to navigate technology (ipad, chromebook, etc.)

Tuition is fair as follows:  9am-3:30pm (depending on final curriculum outlined by school district) M-F.  The week will cost $450/week (roughly $15/hr). Families are expected to pay for the entire month for a total of $1800/month. **(Please Read FAQ )**.







We look forward to giving you just a BIT less stress in your lives at this moment.


Founder and President,

Charan Chadha

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