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Our Mission

To provide a safe, fun, and active learning environment for 2nd-5th grade students.  We strive to provide a "wholistic" space including mindfulness, physical activity & exercise, and life-experiences that a young developing mind in these times needs to feel good about him or herself.  Our teachers are parents, our founder is a parent, and we serve the parents of these "new times" that require a New type of learning. 

Our Vision

  • We want to encourage, motivate, and allow young minds and bodies to participate in a "virtual education" experience during these times but make it as fun and enriching of an environment as possible.  

  • We want working parents to work.....  

  • We want non-working parents to focus on the things that matter to them and their families...

  • We want to create a "new way of learning". One that may be here to stay now and in the future.

  • Lastly, we want to bring the C.L.A.S.S. By C4 experience to the under-served and under-privileged children. 

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