As my bio so cheerfully illustrates, I am the father of 4 boys.  Though that photo is almost 10 years old now, it is my favorite photo of my sons.  So much sweetness... so much innocence... so much joy.  A lot has changed since then.. for many of us. 


My wife Stephanie and I are the owners of a physical therapy practice and I am the owner of the parent company of CLASS.... C4 Performance Training.  I have been around children as a physical therapist, as a coach, and as a father for the majority of my adult life. 


Kids are so special and yet complex at the same time.  Learning is tough all on its own let alone during these times.  But... give a child an opportunity and they are like a seed in water and soil!

We are raising our sons in a time and period where the world is a bit unsettled so with that comes calm and mindfulness that we are teaching them.  One of the key factors in creating C.L.A.S.S. By C4 was to provide an environment of mindfulness, focus, and discipline to the mind and the body.

Exercise, fun, and physical activity are other key attributes of our program that are built into our curriculum so that children could move their bodies, sweat, and have fun.

Last, but not least, is my belief that children, ALL CHILDREN, should have the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance.  My hope and dream is to build a "New Way of Education" one that incorporates the triangle of mindfulness, physical activity, and learning all together so that generations to come will advance together regardless of the path that we were born into.... without choice, without bias, and without opportunities other than those given to us.