Enrichment Program – FAQ


What are the measures that C.L.A.S.S. By C4 is taking for the safety and well-being of their students?


This question should be the number one question that all families are asking about learning centers, pods, etc.  We have been working with kids for years and we are set up to understand all the safety precautions and key areas of well-being that are necessary. 

  1. There are bathrooms dedicated solely to the children.

  2. Each student has their own “assigned” desk and space. This desk will remain their desk for the entirety of the curriculum and as long as they are enrolled with our program.  They will have their own plug for their computer.

  3. There are hand sanitizers located throughout the facility.

  4. The teacher(s) will be taking each student’s temperatures daily.

  5. Each family will have to fill out a weekly survey at the beginning according to the CDC guidelines and questions.

  6. All materials and spaces will be sanitized daily.

  7. Mindfulness Matters.  Our children are as affected by this (if not more) than we are.  We understand that.  This is why we are incorporating daily mindfulness into the program. Mental health of our children is of utmost importance now and in the future. We will put forth our best efforts to teach our children early on how to cope, be positive, and express themselves.

  8. Exercise Matters.  If there is anything that we learned from the end of last school year, it’s just how lazy we ALL got.  Exercising the body and the mind is super important.  That’s why we are incorporating exercise into the daily curriculum.

  9. Life Skills Matter.  As an entrepreneur with 4 sons, I am always trying to teach them about business, relationships, looking someone in the eye, networking, etc.  C.L.A.S.S. will provide opportunities to have parents come in for “Special Guest Day” where they can share their stories about their own careers, fatherhood, motherhood, coaching, etc.  The Special Guests are just part of the “Village” analogy. We all have a story to tell and children all have a story to learn.

  10. Celebration Days Matter- Kids are under lots of pressure these days (in more ways than their own parents can understand or appreciate)- That’s why we want to have celebration days (dodge-ball competition, pizza day, etc). It’s important for kids to celebrate and be acknowledged for all that they are also going through!



Does our family need to be selected to join the C.L.A.S.S. By C4 Program?







This is the second most important thing to consider.  (We might argue that this is the MOST important question to ask).  


Please keep in mind that our aim is to have 100% participation by families.  We are committed to this new program.  We have been working with families and children for years and understand what it takes to make the “engine run”. C.L.A.S.S. is a nurturing, fun, and active environment.  Consequently, we need to make sure that all families joining the program share in those beliefs.  Our philosophy is that keeping this group of boys and girls together will reduce the likelihood of infection and also help promote a “NEW FAMILY” and one that is filled with different ages, different schools, and even different school districts. New friendships will be formed, and a new community will be built.



What IS provided for my child in C.L.A.S.S?


  1. A highly experienced elementary education teacher who is nurturing, will facilitate, supervise, and answer questions as they arise.

  2. Your family will be provided with his/her own assigned desk and chair. 

  3. They will be provided with electric for charging their device.

  4. Dedicated bathroom.

  5. Sanitizer dispensers to the room.

  6. A conditioned space (heating/cooling) with good air circulation to keep the air moving.



What is NOT provided for my child in C.L.A.S.S.?


  1. Yelling and screaming parent/s!

  2. Easily frustrated parents!

  3. An environment of distraction!

  4. We DO NOT provide refrigeration or microwave for heating (due to covid and safety precautions).



Are the prices per month or week?


All pricing is based on the entire month.  The entire month must be purchased and paid for in advance.


If we do this, are we committed for the entire year or can we stop at any time?

As of right now, you can enroll monthly and stop at any time.  If you cancel prior to the next month billing cycle, there will be no charge. However, if your son or daughter are in the program during the month that you are signed up for, you will not receive credit for those remaining days left in the month.



What if school ends up going back full time and we already paid?


If school resumes in-person and parents have already paid for that month, a prorated refund will

be issued for remaining school days not attended within that month.



What is my child required to bring to C.L.A.S.S.?


  1. Each child is required to bring their own computer and headset.  Each child will utilize their own headset while learning online virtually so as not to distract his/her C.L.A.S.S. mates. 

  2. They are required to bring all other learning materials including but not limited to (folders, pens, pencils, markers, scissors, erasers, paper, and so on).

  3. Children are expected to bring their own backpacks with their own materials to be brought back and forth daily.  Please make sure that your child brings enough to get the workday done and bring materials back home. We will not be responsible for materials left behind.

  4. Children should pack their own lunches (bagged), allergy free (no peanuts) with their own water bottle.  Please keep in mind, that your child will be exercising throughout the day.  Therefore, you may want to pack one large bottle or several small bottles of water.

  5. Please have them bring or wear sneakers and comfortable clothing.  Again, we will be having your children exercises throughout the day. Comfort will be important.


Do the students have to wear masks?


As of right now, the students will wear masks when indoors and learning.  When children are participating in recess or gym, they can remove the masks. Desks will be placed 6 feet apart. Socially distant games and activities will be in the curriculum for the time periods during the day when their school is not providing virtual instruction.



Will there be before care/after care and any other options?

We have a variety of possible additional options such as after care (3pm- 4pm) that we are pursuing with the bowling alley adjacent to us.  We will keep all families in the loop as opportunities arise.


Will you provide services for my child with an IEP?

C.L.A.S.S. is not an educational provider as a public school or a private school. As a result, C.L.A.S.S. will not be able to implement or support students with IEPs or 504 plans. Therefore, families may have other choices that need to be pursued for their individual needs with a different learning center or on their own.  


How will the students be grouped?


Our hope is to make this experience as normal as possible for the students so they can still socialize, exercise, and have fun as they would at school.  The CLASS may be heterogeneous (different school district and different grades) or homogeneous (same school district and same grade) depending on enrollment of students into the program.  C.L.A.S.S. does not discriminate by school district, by gender, by race, or by socioeconomic background.  


When will you know the outline of their day?


Once the school curriculum is set with students, we will release a complete and thorough plan and we will be able to finalize our daily schedule. Our goal is to have time for virtual learning and classwork as well as time for socialization and physical activities each day.


My child doesn’t sit all day - what other activities will there be to do?


GOOD!  We don’t want them sitting all day.  We believe in movement and exercise.  Our daily schedule will include everything from mindfulness (meditation), to socially distant games, to exercise and all kinds of activities! Staff will keep students engaged in physical activities every day to ensure and help develop a comprehensive program for the “whole” student.


Who is watching the students all day? What are ratios?

Ratios will be based on total class size.  One elementary school teacher will be assigned to the C.L.A.S.S. This will consist of 16-20 students. We will maintain a single instructor so that the children can establish a trusting and nurturing relationship with the instructor.  We believe that having an onsite elementary educator will facilitate an environment of learning and NOT one of frustration. 


Is this a “Pod”, “Pandemic Group”, etc.?


There are many definitions to what parents are forming on their own.  C.L.A.S.S. by C4 was created by a father of 4 sons in Radnor school district.  We have been helping families and kids for years with our fitness and sports performance.  C.L.A.S.S. is a learning center large enough to house multiple families in a safe environment with socialization and fun.  It gets kids out of the house, off the t.v. exempt for household distractions, off the xbox and out of your hair.