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You want me to learn how to do Singapore Math??

Hi moms and dads. My name is Charan Tony Chadha and I am a father of 4 sons in Radnor. My wife Stephanie Sposato and I really struggled last school year with virtual ed. We both work so helping them with quality time was tough. The decision for one of us to stay at home was an option but tough when you are trying to work, grocery shop, clean the house, etc. When we did have time to help the boys, it was half-hearted and filled with frustration. Teachers, at the time, were doing their best virtually but also had their own children at home which led to distractions for the teacher as well as our sons. It was all so new for everyone!

Our sons were constantly distracted and often missed their friends at school. On top of that... music classes, balet, exercise and sports and all other extra curricular activities were cancelled. Four boys without a strucured schedule who were distracted, unfocused, bored, and not exercising = yelling, frustration, and children now dealing with their own "sadness or depression or anxiety" because of this situation.

So... I built a solution that I hope will help some local working and non-working families.

Our community and the parents that reside in it are Resilient and Creative. I am hopeful that PODS will work for those families that are building them. But.. for those families who either can't join a pod or don't want to join a pod, C.L.A.S.S. is a different solution.

We will be serving families who have 2nd through 5th grade children in a safe, fun. and nurturing environment with an experienced elementary school teacher on site throughout the whole school day M-F 9am-3pm. The Curriculum will include virtual learning support, daily mindfulness, regular recess, other "special events" and daily physical exercise in our state of the art kids gym C4 Performance Training.

C.L.A.S.S. By C4 is located in Devon at the Devon Bowling Alley Building. We have been with children in the Radnor and T/E school districts for years so we understand kids.

If you think we could help your family and this could be a solution then we invite you to check us out at our Facebook page and learn more at our website

I am certain you will have lots of questions regarding our program... Good! Read our FAQ page. We have spent much time preparing for your questions. It should answer many of those questions but we are happy to spend time answering your individual questions and circumstances.

For the safety of your family and our staff, class size is extremely limited to 16-20 total students. Families can apply online at our website. We will interview each family to make sure the C.L.A.S.S. is the best fit for everyone. — at CLASS By C4.

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